April 22nd, 2019 16:38

Filtering of posts

Bharat Kalluri Public Seen by 28

An option to filter posts of a specific language would be really helpful, For example I want to read only English posts and it looks like the time line has posts of many languages.


fdb-hiroshima April 22nd, 2019 18:00

There is an ongoing effort (#525) at reworking how timelines are managed. Once implemented and merged, people will be able to filter posts based on things like language, tags they contains...


Joe April 22nd, 2019 21:17

Would it be possible to only show posts in my selected languages
but also anything that someone I follow has hearted or boosted or
written something in another language? :)


fdb-hiroshima April 22nd, 2019 21:27

it allows for fairly complex matches in a syntax that is hopefully easy for humans. What you ask for would translate to language in [english] or followed (there is no support for matching boosts or hearts yet in this "query language", I only got the idea that it might be wanted yesterday, so there might be something to add, I think boosts will be shown by default, but hearts won't, maybe something like include likes)