August 7th, 2019 15:16

Moving away from GitHub

Ana Gelez
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As you may know, GitHub recently started to restrict contributors from some specific countries. I personally (and I think it is the case of the other Plume contributors) don't like this attitude at all, especially when one of our contributors was affected by these restrictions (they can still contribute to Plume, but not to private projects, and feel insulted).

So, we are considering moving to a Gitlab instance, but can't/don't want to host one. Ideally it should not be based in the USA, to avoid having the same issues in the futures. The only public Gitlab instance I know is Framagit (hosted by Framasoft, a french free software association, probably in France or in Germany).

I would like to know if you are okay with migrating there, or if you would prefer another Gitlab instance (suggestions are welcome!) or if you think moving away from GitHub is not really a good idea.

Ana Gelez

Ana Gelez started a poll August 7th, 2019 15:28

What should we do? Closed 5:00pm - Saturday 10 Aug 2019

If you are thinking of other Gitlab instances, you can normally add your own choices to this poll

1 - Stay on GitHub
5 - Migrate to Framagit
1 - Migrate to Feneas' Gitlab

les August 7th, 2019 15:31

Hi there! I'm asking myself the same question about a project of mine (to migrate or not to migrate) and a part of this specific bad situation with github, I think its a good moment to create and use our collaborative resources and leave those centralized platform alone.
So I totally agree if you choose to move away from a microsoft product.

ps. waiting for ForgeFed


Anonymous August 7th, 2019 15:32

Migrate to Framagit
Ana Gelez

Ana Gelez August 7th, 2019 15:43

Yes, having a good federated forge would be ideal, but it is not going to happen soon I think (unless we only want the very basic features, but Plume requires things like a CI system, so…).


Anonymous August 7th, 2019 15:51

Migrate to Framagit

Anonymous August 7th, 2019 16:12

Migrate to Framagit

Anonymous August 7th, 2019 16:23

Stay on GitHub

I would prefer that the project stay on Github for now. It is easier to find for persons who don't know Plume (yes, Github is not only a git platform: it integrates some kind of social aspect by showing stars of the users for example, which is really useful for a public free software like Plume) and I personally hate to have to manage accounts on thousands of Gitlab instances to follow the projects I like.

Ana Gelez

Ana Gelez August 7th, 2019 16:38

Someone on the Fediverse suggested that we use's Gitlab instance. I don't know Feneas very well, but I think it could totally make sense for Plume to move here too?


Anonymous August 7th, 2019 16:52

Migrate to Framagit

Anonymous August 7th, 2019 20:59

Migrate to Framagit

Works for me

abdullah tarawneh

abdullah tarawneh August 7th, 2019 21:25

I would rather that Plume considered Gitea instances instead of Gitlab. The primary reason for this is that Gitlab's user experience is not very good. Gitea has a much better user experience and also a UI similar to Github, so it would be less effort needed to become reaccustomed to using it. If necessary, it is even much easier to self-host, since Gitlab is a resource-intensive Rails app, and Gitea is a lightweight Go app.

However, I do not know of many Gitea instances available to the public, as most people using Gitea tend to self-host it because it is so easy to run. Aside from that, there is ( ) (Germany, I think?) and ( ) (which is not permanent).

re: Github having a social side, I think that should not be too significant since both Gitlab and Gitea can be configured to allow OAuth signin/signup with Github accounts.

re: CI/CD, one can also host Drone which can connect to the repo over SSH.


Anonymous August 7th, 2019 22:05

Migrate to Feneas' Gitlab

it would appear that their Misson, their strong code of conduct, their associating rules etc all align very much with our own values. they also seem to be located in Europe, so that's a definite advantage

Jérôme Deuchnord

Jérôme Deuchnord August 8th, 2019 07:25

Gitea is a good alternative but it lacks a CI/CD system. You can use Drone for that. It's easy to install too. But it means more maintenance needed.
So, GitLab seems a better idea to me for now :/
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fdb-hiroshima August 8th, 2019 09:22

I've voted migrate to framagit, but it's actually more about not using github as the main repo. I would be fine with a selfhosted gitea, and I could probably host it. My main concern is about migrating existing issues/pull requests

Ana Gelez

Ana Gelez August 8th, 2019 13:29

I personally don't want to self-host anything (my server is already full :cry:), but if you are OK to host a Gitea instance and Drone CI @fdbhiroshima we can consider this option too! (I must admit I have a personal preference for Gitlab, and that I don't feel like the UX is terrible, but it is probably because I'm used to it)

I added this option to the poll, if you prefer it over Gitlab.


Anonymous August 8th, 2019 23:01

Migrate to Framagit

Migrate to own gitea


Anonymous August 9th, 2019 17:14

Migrate to Framagit

Regarding the argument for github for the purpose of discoverability:
It is possible to have a github repository simply mirroring a gitlab repository, stating as the topmost thing in the that the github repo is just a mirror and link to gitlab :)