July 24th, 2020 16:13

Closing this Loomio?

Ana Gelez
Ana Gelez Public Seen by 11

Hi everyone!

It looks like this Loomio group have been inactive for quite a long time… So I was wondering if it was really useful, and if maybe we should delete it?

We have a Gitea instance (yes, we almost left GitHub!) and a Matrix room to chat about the project, and this Loomio just adds another communication channel.

So I wanted to have your opinion on that: do you think this Loomio adds something? Or would you prefer to close it and only use Matrix and Gitea?


eloisa July 25th, 2020 03:51

Hi! I find it hard to keep up with things in the chatroom, and gitea even worse, but I'd understand if you closed this. 😅

Pascal KOTTÉ

Pascal KOTTÉ July 27th, 2020 07:46

From time to time, groups (Linkedin, Loomio...) are just to be a "list of people" interested in a common topic. So , a group is just a people connector. So if you close it, you'll loose my contact and interest about the project "plume". Where should I go and register to get update about this project? Without getting a mess of messages... I was happy to find this place such not noisy as others... But a little bit too much silent, I must say... If there is no place where we collect base information about the project PLUME. Keep it and put in there a yearly update about this project. Would be perfect for me.

Pascal KOTTÉ

Pascal KOTTÉ July 27th, 2020 09:09

@Ana Gelez - pensez à fermer aussi le lien présent ici:


eloisa July 27th, 2020 10:26

I don't think join plume should be closed at all. It's like a hub of info and links to newcomers. It's where I send ppl to who are not yet on fedi.

It's also more of a site rather than a group...