May 5th, 2019 14:57

Short messages

Ana Gelez
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The problem

Some people (actually, I'm more thinking about projects) both have a Plume blog and a Mastodon/Pleroma account, while ideally they should only have one. They both use them to post news about the project, but Plume is for long articles, and the microblogging account is for shorter update messages. An example of this is Funkwhale, but Prismo also has a blog on Plume (I don't know if they have Mastodon/Pleroma account tho), and sometimes I would like to post shorter updates about Plume too but we don't have a Masto/Pleroma account and I don't really want to create one.

They could technically only use Plume for that, by writing short articles, but this brings some constraints: you have to define a title, and the post won't really appear in Mastodon (only the title and a link) even if it is really short.

Proposed solution

Add an interface to post short messages (that would be federated as Notes). They should probably support markdown, and be displayed with other articles when browsing the blog/user/federated/local/home feed (with the full message directly visible on the card).

Tell me what you think about this idea, I'm not actually sure it would be useful (I don't really see any other use case than projects having a Plume blog), and I don't really know if it would be out-of-scope for Plume?


Unicorn May 6th, 2019 08:51

I think that this would be a useful feature, I would not treat it as a priority though.

It's more of a cherry on top than a necessity, working on the actual blogging aspects, admin capabilities and look & feel of Plume is much more important to the usability and attractiveness of Plume at this point in its development. Refining the core functionality of (co-)writing articles etc should be the main focus at this point before adding new features that are not really the core purpose of the platform I think :)
However, having a feature like this may actually be something we want in the future, but we would also have to think about how they show up inside of Plume in the timeline, on the frontpage and so on.

Ana Gelez

Ana Gelez May 6th, 2019 11:51

Yeah of course, this would have a quite low priority. I opened this topic now mostly because I thought about it the other day. ^


y6nH May 7th, 2019 11:59

Agreed - it would be nice to have, but it's not something you'd expect from a blogging platform. With short messages showing up in the feed, it wouldn't be suitable for conversations or idle chat the way Mastodon is.


Unicorn May 13th, 2019 12:00

Yeah it seems like introducing a feature like this is mainly problematic in terms of how you want to integrate it into the timeline etc:
- How will these comments federate?
- Will I see short messages from other Plume instances?
- Will I see regular toots from Mastodon/Pleroma etc?

I think this feature may be good, if possible it should just display short messages from other Plume instances, but honestly it may clutter the Plume experience with things that are not even strictly necessary.