March 21st, 2019 16:09

Two Features that will Help Plume Take Off

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Ana Gelez

Ana Gelez March 21st, 2019 17:00


For the collaborative edition aspect, that's something that is planned and that would indeed add a lot of value to Plume. It will probably be present in the first "official" release (but I have no idea when that will be).

For the "Celcius" feature, I'm not sure about it. I feel like it will make it harder to discover new blogs (since the ones with more followers will always have more likes, etc) and I don't really like the idea of ranking articles. I'm also not sure about how this will make Plume nicer to use.


Joe March 21st, 2019 17:15

Hi Ana!

Thanks for your reply!

I would argue that it makes the site nicer by filtering out low effort posts. If peers are able to validate articles then there's no reason we couldn't accept anonymous articles. But an anonymous article with no followers which is particularly good could still garner lots of Hearts and go to Front Page. On Reddit more dedicated users surf the new queue while more casual visitors just browse the most popular posts on the Front Page.


Curtis Rock March 21st, 2019 17:21

Maybe a Celsius type feature could be optional for a Plume instance, just like optional use of collaborative publishing


Joe March 21st, 2019 17:56

Sounds good to me!