Pre-Virtual Home

Group initiated by Eva Ebenhoh. Uwe Krüger, Dieudonné Dard, Erik Willekens, Julie Lawrence and Elkie Deadman on 26/02/2018, to get to work on building a precursor to the Virtual Home for NVC-O and the NVC-O Community.

Initial address:

Welcome newcomers and observers from the NVC Community!! Feel free to look around. This is our "working area", so it's not tidy, nor are the ideas fully-formed or collated in any useful way. If you read and understand a thread, feel very free to add a comment on that thread with a summary of it, title "My Summary", to assist others.

You might want to introduce yourself on the Welcome to this group thread. There is also a "general chat" thread called "Pre-Virtual Home Village Pump" ... you might like to post there if you have general questions or comments.